Notre Dame if you do, Notre Dame if you don’t.

Killing two birds with one stone with 3D reality capture

When I approach historical buildings, which includes those operating within the hotel and leisure industry, I am often greeted with a refreshing excitement from those who, from a marketing perspective aren’t refusing to step forward in today’s technologically advanced world with reluctance and trepidation.

For the Marketeers that see the value of visual end-to-end reality storytelling, we salute you and of course hope to be working with you soon.

But, wait…Marketeers, owners and authoritative figures. Let’s think outside the box a little here… there’s a priceless underlying benefit of commissioning a 3D walkthrough of your historical and cultural spaces.

In light of the disastrous news in Paris recently, I wanted to write this short piece in regard to how important it is to document our historical and cultural spaces in 3D. Fortunately the late Andrew Tallon undertook a digital scan of the 850-year-old Notre Dame, which offers hope for its restoration after the fire.

The very fact this had taken place means it’s interior and exterior can be efficiently and precisely restored to its former glory. That 3D digital scanning, along with 3D floor plans, virtual rendering and advanced architectural resources will save the day.

These buildings that stand as a depiction of our heritage and culture must now consider a 3D visualisation model. As well as providing accurate records of historical artefacts having accurate 3D records of historical buildings provides unequivocal consultation for conservation, preservation, archiving and restoration with precise building documentation throughout such restorative efforts.

Your 3D Scans can be converted into 2D, 3D and AutoCAD floor plans, SketchUp and more. Our point cloud can also be virtually rendered and virtually staged, especially important in restoration projects and all measurements are accurate to 99%.

It’s not just all killer marketing and customer engagement, in these cases, it’s a beautiful bonus that your online/remote website visitors can engage and create an emotional connection prior to visiting.

If you would like to discuss an archiving or restoration project that can double up as your marketing collateral or simply want to discuss ideas further, please email

What’s your vision?

Leigh Taylor

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