Rightmove rolls out 3D virtual tours on mobile app and adds tab to website

3D Tours becoming an essential ingredient for all forms of marketing as demand soars.

Source: The Negotiator

Move comes after portal previously resisted calls to make the technology more obvious on its website and available on its mobile phone app.

Rightmove has secretly rolled out 3D virtual tours across its mobile platform and added a tab on its main website after many years of opting not to actively promote the technology across all of its channels.

In the past the portal has said it would only actively support virtual 360-degree tours when the technology gained more widespread adoption among estate agents, a threshold which now appears to have been reached.

Rightmove’s shift to making 360 virtual tours visible across mobile devices is a clear sign that the demand and engagement for and with 360 virtual tours is on the increase. This sentiment is mirrored by many other portals and agents across various other countries that 360 virtual tours are the future and it’s time to take to them seriously,” says Andrew Nicholls, Owner of a 360-tour supplier.

It’s really great that Rightmove have listened to what the market wants and acted accordingly. I’m delighted that consumers will now get to experience virtual tours anywhere at any time.”

“This is a huge boost for virtual tours and will mark a step change in the way house hunters interact with listings,” says Kristian of Base Properties.

I’ve been trying to lobby both Rightmove and Zoopla to make virtual tours more ‘front and centre’ for their users, so it’s good to see one of them doing this. Floor plans used to be difficult for people to spot on the portals but are now easy to spot, and today’s update by Rightmove marks the moment when virtual tours will become an expected part of the marketing mix.”

A Rightmove spokesperson told The Negotiator: “Previously, the tours were only accessible on desktop and agents can continue to upload virtual tours in the usual way through their feed or Rightmove Admin.

The move will offer more exposure for those agents who create virtual tours for their vendors. The team will be monitoring how home hunters use the additional feature on mobile to ensure they are getting the optimum experience when searching for their next home.”

Wasabi’s Founder, Leigh Taylor, commented…

It was only a matter of time before UK property platforms recognised the inherent need for a priceless resource such as 3D virtual tours to market their properties through their app. Buyers habits are shifting in the millennial age, now is the time for agents to make the move to show they’re leaving archaic agencies behind.

In my personal opinion, I believe in the not too distant future all property agents will not only utilise this as a marketing tool in property sales, but also as an inventory record and landlord insurance protection for the lettings industry.

We’re delighted with this news. However, it has been expected and why Wasabi was launched as It is concurrent with the clear growing demand for 3D tours across many other industries.”

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