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Virtual 3D Reality Capture & Aerial Integration

Multi-rotor aerial videography

More than ever visual storytelling is being used to elevate products, services or events on the web or social media. Adding aerial footage can literally add a new dimension that can show your venue and its surroundings in its entirety, in a way that just working at ground level never can and makes the production more dynamic and engaging for the viewer. We use unmanned aerial multi-rotors which is a modern cost-effective solution for aerial media and by using remote cameras it gives us unrivalled flexibility to create a dynamic professional cinematic feel closer to the subject with shots which are just not possible using helicopters with long range lenses. We shoot in 4K 4096 x 2160 100Mbps from an integrated stabilised digital camera system.

Seamless integration with your Wasabi 3D Virtual tour

Using multi-rotors is a perfect solution to enable a seamless ‘dove-tailed’ flow from the external footage through to the internal 3D virtual video. This allows the viewer to understand the greater overall perspective of the building or venue including the immediate location, gardens and the wider area. The external work can of course be tailored to show the most appealing angles and avoid areas which are not required by the client. We can also show multiple ‘entry points’ within the video giving multiple angles and aspects as required.

Qualified and Fully Licensed

Simon White, CAP-C Multi-rotor Pilot

Registered with the CAA for PfCO (UAS 3626)