Virtual Staging

What's Your Vision?

Virtual Home, business, development and renovation staging

Why Virtual Not Physical Staging?

Staging empty or undesirable residential and commercial spaces speed up buyer and tenancy decisions. Physical staging’s are expensive, time consuming and can delay the listing process. Our virtual staging services help you showcase your property or commercial space in its best light, and can also be staged in multiple designs to suit your prospective clients tastes.

Staging Examples

Turn Empty, Uninviting Spaces into Immersive Experiences

Virtual staging that can take your existing 3D Tours and design a perfectly furnished walkthrough tour utilising a 3D home décor library.

Developers, agencies and property managers can brandish their spaces in various styles and functions without the high cost of tangible staging and recapturing of 3D footage.

Renovation Staging

Turn undesirable, hoarded and unloved spaces into sought after spaces with our renovation staging.

Realistic Rendering

We can create a realistic render of your Wasabi dolls house view as demonstrated below. This is perfect for the development of abandoned spaces, amongst other projects requiring a 3D impression of the finished project. An unrivalled artists impression.

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