Education & Healthcare 360º Tours

What's Your Vision?


Our walkthroughs can be utilised in assisting in supplying an educational tool. Whether that’s for a mass campaign to educate the wider public on local issues or to introduce an engaging facility to make learning fun within schools using laptops/desktops or fully immerse your students using virtual reality headsets.

Healthcare and care facilities have a requirement to manage visitor expectations and prepare a patient prior to a visit, thus making their decision to use a private care and healthcare facility easier and ensuring faster admissions.

Example 360º Tour

Empowering Children in a visually enhanced world

Wasabi Smart Classes

What's Your Vision?

Fun Learning

Promote fun learning through 3D and VR. Educate children about important local issues, such as touring a local recycling

Plant or museum. The possibilities are endless, particularly where there is no access or opportunity for children to access such sites.

Virtual Learning

Introduce a Wasabi smart class into your pupil’s week. Whiteboards, chalk and markers have had their time. Virtual learning is a priceless asset that will soar in popularity. Speak to us about bespoke projects that can be shared and delivered across all schools.

Private Healthcare Facilities

Wasabi Healthcare

What's Your Vision?

Peace Of Mind

Visually relax, reassure your patients by giving them the peace of mind of a virtual tour, allowing them to manage their expectations before entering what they may perceive as a daunting experience.

Showcase Your Facilities

Care homes can allow family decision makers the opportunity to categorically decide to utilise their services in the care of a loved one. Providing this asset to your marketing will ensure expectations are met before family members and carers make the effort to personally visit

Elevate Your Position

Invest in showcasing your facilities and its specialist equipment and further elevate your position within the industry and that of public perception.